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Girl With Big Goals

September 15th, 2016 by Robert Whalen

Bloomington’s City Council gave special recognition to a local girl Monday, as TV-10’s Isabella Rodriguez reports.


Replacing an Alderman

January 31st, 2013 by James Sallen

A change is coming on the Bloomington City Council, as one alderman steps down and must be replaced.  TV-10’s Lindsey Harrison reports.


Council on Camera?

September 25th, 2012 by Robert Whalen

Bloomington City Leaders are getting ready to take a technological step forward. TV-10’s Chris Newman explains.


Bloomington Alderman Debate

November 14th, 2011 by Blake Kelley

Bloomington voters might have opportunity to change the way they vote. TV-10’s Blake Kelley talked to Bloomington officials on the possible switch.


Council Makes Budget Moves

April 12th, 2011 by Laura Trendle-Polus

Bloomington city leaders approved money for a long-awaited project Monday night.  TV-10’s Taylor Fishburn reports.