MA in Writing Theses and Portfolios

The following is an incomplete list of theses and portfolios completed by students in the MA in Writing program at Illinois State University. The Masters in Writing originally required a thesis, but the options were expanded in 2009 to include a portfolio as an option. If you have a correction, deletion or addition to this list, please contact Jim Kalmbach.

Auth, Timothy. “The Visual Rhetoric of a Technical Document: A Genre Analysis.” 1997.

Baas, Heidi. “The Difficulties of Teaching Students through Visual Media: A Design Analysis of University Department Brochures.” 1998.

Balzhiser, Deborah. “Orientations, Hypertext, and Multiplicity: Illinois State University’s Language and Composition II Web Guide.”,  1994.

Barcus, Steven. Conceptualizing Scenario-based Design through the Design of and a Reflection on a Portfolio., 2009.

Budil, Jonathan. “Interfaces and Mirrorshades: Explorations in Hypertext.” 1993.

Berson, Kymberly. “A Portfolio of Technical Writing/Communication Projects, Guided by Minimalist Principles, with a Critical Introduction.” 2004.

Dimitroff, Daniel.  “Digitally Situated Literacies of Storm Chasers.”  2010.

Epley, Heidi. “The Intersection of Study in Professional Writing and Cultural Studies.”, 2011.

Finch, Molly. “Workplace Literacies and Technical Communication. Two Case Studies.” 2003.

Frost, Erin. “Reading Public Bodies:  Explorations in Medical Rhetoric, Critical Theories, visibility and Technical Communication.”, 2009.

Gaboda, Gail. “Desktop Publishing and Employee Manuals.” 1993.

Gelberg, Sarah. “To Whom It May Concern: Aristotle’s Theory of Audience.” 1999.

Hoeniges, Carol. “Corporate Culture and Professional Communication: A Holistic Study of Social Context and Audience in the Workplace.” 1995

Hogan, Annette. “Breaking the Rules or Following Them: Design Principles in Desktop Publishing and the World Wide Web.” 1997.

Hull, William. “The Influence of Social Context upon a Small Writing Culture: A Study of Argonne CTD.” 1991.

Jonkers, Bryan. “Are Metaphors Bad? Metaphors, Technical Writing and Web Pages.” 2001.

Kasten, Barbara. “Problem Solving for a Small Documentation Department Functioning in a Large Corporation.” 1988.

Liu, Jing. “Conceptual Metaphors in Technical Communication: A Humanistic Understanding of Style.” 2005.

McCormick, Anita. “The Effective use of Metaphor in Technical Writing.” 1989.

McNulty, Roselyn. “What I’ve Learned from Everyday Environmentalists: A Tree Hugger’s Education.” 2008.

Myers, Jonathan. “Action and Enaction: A portfolio of progressive works regarding MMORG narrative.” 2011.

Parish, Rachel. “Competition Across Cyber Pastures: How Digital Media Affects Beef Cattle Exhibitor Self-Representations”  2012.

Person-Tillman, Crystal. Ethics, Effectiveness, and the Professional Communicator. Portfolio., 2010.

Peters, Brian. “The Social Construction of the Documentation Process: Issues of Hierarchy and Gender.” 1995.

Peterson, David. “Approaches to Knowledge Management: A Critique and Analysis of the ISU English Department.” 2008.

Putnam, Gregory. “Grammarworks: The Development of An Online Grammar-Help Program.” 1999.

Racine, Sam.  “Manipulating Corporate Lore to Create Boundaries of Exclusion and Inclusion.” 1998.

Riley, Michael. “Evaluating World Wide Web Sites as Resources for Literary Study and Secondary English Teaching.” 2000.

Silverman, David. “A Paradigm in Visual Thinking and Consulting: The English Department Alumni Outreach Program.” 1994.

Smudde, Pete. “Toward a New Model of the Document Development Process in Nonacademic Settings.” 1989.

Speer, Traci. “The Rhetorical Role of Training Manuals in an Office Setting.” 1995.

 Staley, Shawn. “Presence and Absence of Presence in Collaboration: A Portfolio Critique of Public Influence and Private Experience on the Professional Writer’s Voice.” 1995.

Tiritilli, Tracy. “Community Appeal: An Analysis of Ethos Construction in Documents from the Ecology Action Center.” 2005.

Travaille, Ryan. “Creating a Digital CD-ROM Portfolio.” 2000.

Tria, Joe. “Aquela que foi pedida = The bespoken.” 1993.

Trout, Richard. “Modes of Introducing Word Proce    ssing to Freshmen Writers at Illinois Colleges with Enrollments of Less than 4500: An Analytic Survey.”  1993.

Utz, Dane. “Using Visible Rhetoric in the Design of AIDS Education Brochures.” 1989.

Van Dyne, Jenna. “Creating a Text that is not a Text.” 2001.

Volzer, Jeff. “Publishing in Cyberspace: The Future of Online Publishing.” 1994.

Weakley, William. “Interactive Authoring on the Web: An HTML Tutorial Using Javascript.”, 1997.

Werner, Margaret. “Surfing Beyond the Boundaries: Student Academic Writing on the World Wide Web.” 1999.

Wogsland, Justine. “The Sophists and Technical Communication: Illuminating the Connection.” 2002.

Yu, Han. “A Portfolio of Technical Communication Projects with Critical Reflections.” 2004.

Zeidenstein, Kathryn Ruth. “Collaborative Writing and the Changing Role of the Technical Communicator in Software Development.” 1987.






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