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Technical Writing Program History–The first 15 years

Russ Rutter, long time member of the technical writing faculty at Illinois State University has written this history of the first fifteen years of the program (1973-1988) 1973       The Department offers its first Technical Writing course: ENG/IT … Continue reading

Internships Still a Good Idea

In response to a new US Labor Department rules about unpaid internships, Charles Westerberg and Carol Wickersham argue for the value of internships, paid or unpaid in this opinion piece which appeared in the Chronicle of Higher Eduction. You can read … Continue reading

Are Internships a Good Idea?

Why I am a big believer in the value of internships, in the link below, Joshua Foust offers a troubling counter prospective, decrying the growing trend of students who complete an unpaid internship after they graduate: what he calls the … Continue reading

Dr. D. Leigh Henson

D. Leigh Henson, professor emeritus of English at Missouri State University, received a Ph.D. in English Studies from Illinois State University (1982), and his dissertation chairman and mentor was Dr. Stan Renner. Henson had also earned bachelor’s and master’s degrees … Continue reading

Selznick, Fibromyalgia: The (in)visible (Dis)ability

One problem with a program blog is that it can leave you with nowhere to celebrate work by others in the English department that are not strictly speaking in your area. I was browsing Technoculture (, and I found this article … Continue reading