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Contact our Advisor, Marinelly Castillo-Zuniga

Message from the advisor:

Working as an advisor of the Spanish Club allows me to encourage students and members of the club to improve their knowledge in Spanish as a second language and also to expose them to the Hispanic culture.  I have continuously guided the executive Board of the club to organize different activities for the members and others in campus as well as the community. I have been strongly promoting and supporting the Spanish Club during the year with real samples of food, dances, literatures, among other elements from different Spanish-speaking countries.

As an advisor I founded the “Folklorist Dance Team” as a part of the Spanish Club. I instituted the “Alma Latina Award” on February of 2009. The “Alma Latina Award” is an award for an outstanding member of the Spanish Club.” This award will be given through the Languages, Literatures and Cultures Department to a member of the club who participate actively in the club the most active member of the club during the academic year. I also started during Sring Break of 2011 the program called: Cultural Experience Field Trip.

I’m very proud to be the advisor of the Spanish Club. I know it is a lot of work, but when I see the students improving not only their Spanish language but also their understanding of the culture I feel very gratified.

Marinelly Castillo-Zuniga

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