The Spanish Club will hosting the 1st. Annual Hispanic heritage Fair at Illinois State University on Friday, September 21st, in the Circus Room – Bone Student Center. The event, with runs from 4pm – 8pm, is free and open to the public.
The Hispanic Fair will provide the participant from Illinois States University and the Normal-Bloomington community with an unique exposition featuring  the rich and diverse Hispanic Heritage and cultures and contribution of residents native or descendants from the Spanish-speaking nations of Spain and North, Central, South America and, the Caribbean.
In the fair, participants will have the opportunity to learn more about the food, music, entertainment clothing, festivals around these Spanish-speaking countries. Decorated booths will be presented by students and members of the club, and also for member of the community.
For additional information, contact Marinelly Castillo, advisor of the Spanish Club at mcastil@ilstu.edu.
If you need special accommodation, please send an e-mail to spanishclub@ilstu.edu.
Diversity At STATE
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