Illinois State University Chemistry Club

Article I


Membership is open to all Illinois State University Students, the only requirement is an interest in Chemistry. A
small fee for membership is assessed to defray the costs of refreshments and incidental expenses.

Article II


The purpose of this organization shall be to enhance the opportunity for  students in chemistry at Illinois State
University to socialize with fellow  members, faculty, and professional speakers.  As well as foster a  professional
spirit among the members and to instill a professional pride in chemistry.

Article  III


Section 1.

The officers of the chapter shall be a president, vice president, secretary,  treasurer, and public relations officer.

Section 2. Duties

A.  The duties of the President shall include:

1.  Presiding over all meetings of the chapter. The President will call the meetings to order, decide all points of
order, enforce the constitution and preserve decorum.

2.  Taking responsibility for overseeing the  operation of the chapter. The president will also take responsibility
for overseeing the budgetary and programming activities of the chapter.

3.  Appointing members to be responsible for activities with the consent of the major of the members present.

4.  Appointing any special committees and  assigning their duties.

5.  Serving as an ex-official member of any and  all committees of the chapter.

6.  Voting only to break a tie.

7.  Overseeing the new chapter for the four week  transition period or until new officers are elected.

B.   The duties of the Vice-President shall include:

1.  Assuming the duties of the president in the  event of the president’s absence or resignation. Duties assumed
in the event of the president’s resignation shall not last for more than a period of four weeks, at which time the
Board will elect a new president.

2.  Acting as a link between the American Chemical Society and chapter.

C.   Duties of the Secretary shall include:

1.  Keeping an accurate, permanent record of the minutes and proceedings of the chapter.

2.   Keeping accurate records of the attendance of the chapter members.

3.  Helping the advisor with the year-end annual report.

4.  Assist  in publicizing Chem Club activities.

D.   The duties of the Treasurer shall include:

1.  Keeping an accurate account of all the chapter’s income and expenses.

2.  Keeping all chapter members informed as to the chapter’s financial standing.

3. Working with the fiscal agent and in cooperation with chapter preparing an annual budget subject to the
chapter’s approval.

Article IV

Faculty Advisor

Section 1.

The chemistry department will select a faculty advisor amoung those who are  interested.  He or she must be
a member of the Illinois State University faculty and is also a member of the American Chemical Society.

Section 2.

Duties  shall be to serve as the official link between the society and the chapter, and shall take the responsibilities
of fiscal agent for the chapter.

Article V

Election of officers

1.  Elections will be held at the first meeting in April.

2.  All members must be notified of election  meetings not less than two weeks in advance.

3.  The president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer, and public relations officer will be elected from the student

4.  Officers will serve one (1) year terms  immediately after the transition period following the elections.

5.  Chapter members may nominate candidates for election. Voting will then take place by secret ballot.  A majority
of votes cast will be necessary for election.

6.  To provide for an orderly transfer of authority, the new chapter members and the outgoing chapter members will
hold at least one joint meeting with the new officers presiding.

Article VI


Impeachment process will begin at a special executive board meeting upon a written notification of an complaint.
The executive board will decide and vote upon whether to bring this complaint before the next regular meeting of
chapter members. At the regular meeting the nature of the complaint will be read.  A time limit will be given to the
individual in question as jointly decided by chapter to present their case. Upon the completion of their defense, the
individual will then leave the meeting for chapter voting proceedings to commence. By majority vote of membership present impeachment of position shall be decided.

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