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Chem Club Travel/ Research Grant

Travel grant deadline has been extended to October 11th for those interested in going to the ACS National meeting in Dallas in Spring 2014. 

Application forms available below

Eligibility and criteria for ISU Chem Club Travel or Research Grant:

  • Must be an ISU Chemistry Club member.
  • Minimum of 4 hours worked at the ISU Chem Club bookstore to ensure eligibility to apply.
  • Involvement with other ISU Chem Club activities, including but not limited to outreach trips, demos, and meetings.
  • Must present research poster or oral presentation at regional or national meeting of a professional chemical entity, such as the American Chemical Society, SciX, the Midwest Enzyme Conference, or the American Society for Mass Spectrometry.
  • Must present research poster or oral presentation at ISU Chem Club poster session and ISU graduate or undergraduate symposium.
  • Apply for travel grant within 12 months of earned credits from Chem Club activities including lab manual sales and internal/external club events.
  • Retrospective (no longer than 9 months from application deadline) grant applications are welcomed, however prospective grant applications are preferred.
  • Grant application deadline for the Fall Semester is the First Friday in October by 3pm.
  • Grant application deadline for the Spring Semester is the First Friday in February by 3pm.

Distribution of funds for Travel Grant or Research Grant:

  • One (1) full travel or research grant is designated to the Fundraising Co-Chairs per year (up to $1200, with the possibility of additional funds with justification). If both chairs are attending meetings, then each chair will receive $600 from the travel/research grant.
  • If the ISU Chem Club receives an award from the American Chemical Society (ACS) then, one (1) full travel grant (up to $1200) is designated to the Chem Club president (or representative) for travel to the ACS National meeting in order to pick up the award upon presenting a poster at the meeting.
  • Allocation of funds will be determined by ISU Chem Club Funding committee, which is composed of the Chem Club advisor and club officers. In the case that an officer applies for a travel or research grant, the individual would recuse themselves from the Funding committee.
  • One (1) travel or research grant can be awarded per person per year except under special circumstances.
  • Research grants (up to $500) may be used for research commodities.
  • The number of travel or research grants awarded per year will be determined by the Funding committee based on the availability of funds.

Research grant (up to $500) for commodities or stipend requirements:

  • Fill out research grant application form.
  • Submit a written letter of research project approval from research advisor.
  • Submit a written 1-2 page summary of progress made due within 9 months of obtaining research funds.
  • Research grants may only be used for commodities and lab supplies

Travel grant (up to $1200) requirements:

  • Fill out travel grant application form.
  • Receipts of relevant travel expenses must be turned in to Robyn Schuline no later than 1 month after the completion of travel.
Download Application Forms here:
DOC file: Chem Club Grant App Form Fall 2016

Additional informatou about Examples of Eligible and Ineligible Expenses of Travel Grant

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