STATEside Blog Features CAS Faculty and Students

Bob Sonderman

Bob Sonderman

STATEside is a daily blog maintained by the staff of Illinois State magazine that shares the events and experiences at ISU each day. It provides the opportunity for discussion, review, and the chance for sharing memories and opinions of ISU’s faculty, staff, alumni, and students via social media. Ryan Denham, a writer for STATEside blog, describes the blog as a place “to provide engaging content to reconnect alumni with today’s Illinois State campus and students.”

“My favorite part about working on STATEside is telling stories about alums and students with a passion for something specific-even something quirky-that’s all their own,” Denham adds.

The staff at Illinois State magazine recently posted on their blog, STATEside, about CAS students and alumni. The three articles featured are of Illinois State University alumnus Bob Sonderman, student RAs, and a student mother who goes to classes her with her two daughters.

Many alumni of ISU go on to experience exciting jobs, and for Bob Sonderman this is no exception. STATEside reports on Sonderman’s work with The Museum Resource Center and the NPS Museum Emergency Response Team. Sonderman is an alum of ISU with a B.A. in anthropology and an M.A. in historical archaeology.

Another CAS featured blog update included an entry that shares what move-in week is like through the eyes of RAs. An RA quoted in this entry, Amanda Peterlin, is a student of the College of Arts and Sciences. This entry describes her ups-and-downs as an RA and the pride she takes in her job.

The latest STATEside update is about a mother, Shelly Braxton, who is obtaining her degree in psychology at ISU alongside her fellow classmates, her two daughters. Her first-born, Alyx, is a senior history education major and her youngest, Ashley, is a sophomore nursing major.

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