EarthScope Speakers to Dive into Seismic Secrets

Kristine Larson

Kristine Larson

Just as the Hubble Telescope scanned the outer reaches of space, the EarthScope project is giving geologists an unprecedented look at the earth’s tectonic and volcanic movement.

The University’s Department of Geography-Geology will include two EarthScope speakers as part of their Spring Colloquium. Both talks are free and open to the public, and will be 3 p.m. Fridays in the Felmley Science Annex, room 133.Kristine Larson of EarthScope will give a talk titled “Using the EarthScope Plate Boundary Observatory to Study the Earth’s Water Cycle” on Friday, Feb. 8. Larson uses EarthScope to monitor climate change by studying issues such as vegetative health and moisture in the soil. She is a geodesist at the University of Colorado, where she is currently a professor in the Department of Aerospace Engineering Sciences. Larson calls the EarthScope data “critical for both understanding and predicting the Earth’s climate.”

Michael Hamburger of Indiana University will give a talk Feb. 22 titled “OIINK Seismic Science.” Hamburger is the lead scientist on seismic projects in Southern Illinois. His major research interests are in seismotectonics and the dynamics of earthquake and volcanic processes. He has been a leader in the Indiana PEPP Earthquake Science Program, part of a nationwide project to bring seismology research into the public school curriculum. He will remain on campus to lead the Illinois State EarthScope outreach workshop for middle and high school teachers on Feb. 23.

EarthScope is a national undertaking, designed to explore the structure and evolution of the North American continent as well as understand the processes that cause earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. It is the largest continental geology project ever funded by the National Science Foundation in partnership with the United States Geological Survey (USGS).

Illinois State University has been coordinating EarthScope’s outreach and education efforts for the Midwest. Hamburger will also be part of at an EarthScope workshop at Illinois State for middle and high school teachers on Feb. 23.

For additional information on the colloquia, contact the Department of Geography-Geology at 438-7649.

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