Six Announce Retirement

 Lee Beier, Lucinda Beier, Susan Prendergast, and Raymond Cohn

Six faculty members in the College of Arts and Sciences announced their retirements at the conclusion of the spring semester: Augustus Leon (Lee) Beier, Professor of History; Lucinda Beier, Professor of History; Raymond Cohn, Professor of Economics; George Kiser, Associate Professor of Politics and Government; Ronald Pope, Associate Professor of Politics and Government; and Susan Prendergast, Associate Professor of Communication Sciences and Disorders. All together, these colleagues have devoted nearly 100 years of service to ISU! 

“I have very much enjoyed my career at ISU,” said Cohn. “Working here proved to be a wise career choice for me, since I had the opportunity to both teach and research, and I received a good deal of fulfillment from each activity. In retirement, I have been spending a great deal of time reading, I plan to continue with some of my research, and I hope to do a fair amount of travelling in the future.” The College appreciates the many contributions these six professors made and wishes them well in the years to come.



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