Econ Prof to Serve on International Board

Rajeev Goel

Professor of Economics Rajeev Goel will serve on a research panel sponsored by Transparency International for the purpose of evaluating its corruption perceptions index. The invitation to serve on the board comes as a result of his research on the economics of corruption. Transparency International is a leading organization in measuring the prevalence of corruption across nations. Its corruption index has been widely used in popular press and by researchers since the mid-1990s. Goel has also been invited to speak on corruption in six developed and developing nations.

Goel is the author of the recently published Global Efforts to Combat Smoking, which examines the effectiveness of various smoking control policies across the world. These policies cover a wide range, including price or tax based policies to non-price initiatives (such as advertising bans, health warnings and territorial smoking restrictions). The book is aimed at researchers, policy makers and anyone interested in learning about the economics behind smoking control.

Goel’s research on these and other subjects, such as industrial organization and applied microeconomics, has appeared in numerous publications. He serves on the editorial boards of three journals and has worked for the Indian Institute of Management, Tata Energy Research Institute, and Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

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