Alumni Profiles

Take a glimpse at what some of the esteemed rhetoric, composition, and technical communication alumni from Illinois State University are doing now. Please contact Julie Jung if you would like to update the profile information included here or if you are a rhetoric, composition, and/or technical communication alum from ISU who would like to submit your profile for inclusion.

Godwin Agboka (Ph.D. 2010), Assistant Professor of Professional and Technical Communication at University of Houston-Downtown

Photo of ISU Alum Godwin AgbokaDr. Godwin Agboka’s research interests include social justice and human rights perspectives in technical communication, the rhetorics of science and medicine, intercultural technical communication, and research methodologies. He has published in all of these areas in journals such as Technical Communication Quarterly, Journal of Technical Writing and Communication, and Connexions – International Professional Communication Journal. Dr. Agboka teaches courses in business and technical communication, medical writing, science writing, and editing at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. He is also a journalist by profession.

Shelley DeBlasis (Ph.D. 2011), Associate Professor of English and Director of Developmental Education and Tutoring Services at New Mexico State University Carlsbad

Photo of ISU alum Shelley DeBlasisDr. Shelley DeBlasis currently teaches courses in narrative theory, film studies, rhetoric and composition, basic writing, business writing, and women’s literature. For the Spring 2016 semester, she is teaching two English special topics courses for undergraduates: “Understanding Disney through Storytelling” and an interdisciplinary and team-taught course titled “Fine Arts, Creation, and Publication” that will lead students through the process of creating and publishing a fine arts magazine. Dr. DeBlasis’s current research projects focus on affect and persistence behaviors such as “grit” in basic writers and the effectiveness of the Accelerated Learning Program model in rural community colleges. The Board of Regents at New Mexico State University bestowed Dr. DeBlasis with the “Above and Beyond Award” in December 2013 for her work in Developmental Education. She will serve as her campus’s Assessment Chair beginning in August 2016.

Erin A. Frost (Ph.D. 2013), Assistant Professor of Technical and Professional Communication at East Carolina University

Photo of ISU alum Erin FrostDr. Erin A. Frost currently teaches courses in business communication, technical communication, and feminist methods and theory at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. Her research interests include feminist approaches to technical communication, health and medical rhetorics, digital media, and rhetorics of risk. Some of her recent publications include “Apparent feminisms as a new theoretical approach to intervention in technical communication and rhetoric” in the Journal of Business and Technical Communication (2016), “Food fights: Cookbook rhetorics, monolithic constructions of womanhood, and field narratives in technical communication” with fellow ISU alum Marie E. Moeller in Technical Communication Quarterly (2016), “Authorial Ethos as Location: How Technical Manuals Embody Authorial Ethos without Authors,” a chapter co-authored with fellow ISU alum Dr. Kellie Sharp-Hoskins (Authorship Contested, Routledge 2015), and a special issue of Communication Design Quarterly on health and medical rhetoric co-edited with Dr. Lisa Meloncon (2015).  

Teresa Grettano (Ph.D. 2013), Assistant Professor of English and Director of First-Year Writing at The University of Scranton

Dr. Teresa Grettano currently teaches Rhetoric & Social Media, first-year writing, and Making Meaning of 9/11. Her research interests include 21st-century literacies, especially information and rhetorical literacy; pedagogy and curriculum; and post-9/11 discourse. Some of her work can be found in edited collections and Composition Studies. She collaborates frequently with librarian Donna Witek (nee Mazziotti), and their work has been published in Reference Service Review and edited collections. Their article “Teaching Metaliteracy: A New Paradigm in Action,” was recognized as an Outstanding Paper in the 2015 Emerald Literati Network Awards for Excellence and as one of the LIRT Top 20 2014 Library Instruction and Information Literacy articles by the Library Instruction Round Table of the American Library Association. The article is available open access.

Kyle Jensen (Ph.D. 2009), Associate Professor of English at the University of North Texas

Photo of ISU alum Kyle Jensen

Dr. Kyle Jensen’s research and teaching focus on the evolution of archived writing processes, which allows him to explore a diverse range of research topics including: rhetorical energy, automatic writing, archival methodologies, & writing algorithms. In 2015, Southern Illinois University Press published his first book Reimagining Process: Online Writing Archives & the Future of Writing Studies. Some of his recent essays have appeared in the collections Writing Postumanism, Posthuman Writing and Authorship Contested. He has also published essays in JAC & Rhetoric Review.

Chris Mays (Ph.D. 2014), Assistant Professor of English at the University of Nevada, Reno

Photo of ISU alum Chris MaysDr. Chris Mays researches and teaches in several areas of specialization within rhetoric and composition including cultural and public rhetorics, writing studies, composition pedagogy, the rhetoric of science, and the interdisciplinary application of complexity and systems theory. His work can be found in a variety of academic journals including College Composition and Communication (forthcoming); enculturation: A Journal of Rhetoric, Writing, and Culture; JAC; and Rhetoric Review.

Marie Moeller (Ph.D. 2009), Associate Professor of English—Professional Writing and College of Liberal Studies PR and Outreach Faculty Fellow at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse (UWL)

Photo of ISU alum Marie MoellerDr. Marie Moeller currently leads the professional writing minor at UWL and teaches courses in the professional writing minor and the rhetoric and writing major—such as Grant Writing, Feminist Rhetorics, Technical Writing, and Critical Theory—as well as coordinates practicum experiences in professional writing. Her research focuses on health and medical rhetorics, disability studies, feminist studies, professional writing ethics, and pedagogical theory. Her most recent publications include collaborations with Dr. Erin Frost in Technical Communication Quarterly (25.1)—“Food Fights: Cookbook Rhetorics, Monolithic Constructions of Womanhood and Field Narratives in Technical Communication”—and with Dr. Julie Jung in Disability Studies Quarterly (34.4)—“Sites of Normalcy: Understanding Online Education as Prosthetic Technology.” Dr. Moeller has also published in journals such as College English and Communication Design Quarterly.

Kellie Sharp-Hoskins (Ph.D. 2012), Assistant Professor of Rhetoric and Writing and Writing Program Administrator at New Mexico State University

Photo of ISU alum Kellie Sharp-HoskinsDr. Kellie Sharp-Hoskins teaches graduate and undergraduate courses in contemporary rhetorical theory, writing studies, technical communication, and pedagogy. Her research centers on investigating and theorizing politics of rhetorical imagination—how and why language and bodies materialize and become meaningful (or not)—in disciplinary and pedagogical discourses. Recent publications include “Imagining Pedagogical Agency: Shifting from Students and Teachers to Elements and Relations” in Rhetoric Review (2015) and “Authorial Ethos as Location: How Technical Manuals Embody Authorial Ethos without Authors,” a chapter co-authored with fellow ISU alum Dr. Erin A. Frost (Authorship Contested, Routledge 2015).

Bradley Smith (Ph.D. 2010), Assistant Professor of English at Governors State University

Photo of ISU alum Bradley SmithDr. Bradley Smith teaches courses on rhetoric and composition at a range of levels, from first-year writing to Master’s-level courses on rhetorical theory and writing pedagogy. His research interests include using cognitive linguistics to understand the way that writing teachers and students interact, as well as more general interests in first-year writing pedagogy and writing program administration. Recent publications include a vignette titled “Writing in Transit,” published in College Composition and Communication and “The Journey Metaphor’s Entailments for Framing Learning” in the Journal for the Assembly of Expanded Perspectives on Learning.

Han Yu (Ph.D. 2007), Professor of Technical Communication at Kansas State University

Photo of ISU alum Han YuDr. Han Yu teaches classes in technical communication, business writing, engineering writing, and science writing. Her current research focus includes intercultural technical communication and visual rhetoric/information design in technical and scientific communication. She is the co-editor (with Dr. Gerald Savage, Professor Emeritus at Illinois State) of Negotiating Cultural Encounters: Narrating Intercultural Engineering and Technical Communication (Wiley-IEEE Press ) and the author of The Other Kind of Funnies: Comics in Technical Communication (Baywood’s Technical Communication Series). Her work also appeared in field journals such as Business Communication Quarterly, IEEE Transactions on Professional Communication, Information Design Journal, Journal of Business and Technical Communication, Journal of Technical Writing and Communication, Programmatic Perspectives, Technical Communication, and Technical Communication Quarterly.