Here are just a few of our current graduate students’ recent accomplishments. If you’re a Rhetoric, Composition, and/or Technical Communication graduate student at ISU, please contact Lisa Dooley, Sarah Warren-Riley, or Oriana Gilson with your recent accomplishments so we can add them to this page.

Progress Toward Degree

In Fall 2015, PhD students Adriana Gradea and Ana Roncero-Bellido successfully defended their dissertation proposals and are now officially ABD. Cristina Sanchez-Martin passed her Specialization exam.

In Spring 2016, Julie Bates passed her Specialization and English Studies exams. Cristina Sanchez-Martin and Francis Macarthy passed their English Studies exams.

Awards & Honors

Ana Roncero-Bellido, a PhD student in Latina/o rhetorics and literatures, received the inaugural Chair’s Graduate Student Travel Award in recognition of outstanding scholarship and contribution to the field. Ana’s award was presented to her in October at the 2015 Feminisms and Rhetorics conference held in Phoenix, Arizona.

The Women’s Caucus of the Modern Language Association awarded Adriana Gradea, a PhD student, the 2014 Florence Howe Award for Outstanding Feminist Scholarship in the field of English for her article “Embroidered Feminist Rhetoric in Andrea Dezso’s Lessons from My Mother,” which was published in Rhetoric Review in July 2014. As mentioned in the email received from the MLA executive committee, “members described [the] piece as a ‘powerful study of embroidery as a kind of secondary discourse under totalitarianism’ that lays bare the ‘need for attention to material culture’ as well as to ‘international feminist perspectives and their limits’ and praised its focus on ‘generations, immigration, transnationality, and the powerful rhetoric of needlework.'”

ISU doctoral Adriana Gradea has been elected chair of the LLC Romanian forum of the MLA for 2016-2017.


The following ISU graduate students participated in the C&W Graduate Research Network and presented at Computers & Writing 2016:

  • Cristina Sanchez-Martin Single Modality: Crossing Multimodal/Translingual Pedagogies (roundtable)
  • Julie Bates: Rhetorical Reconsiderations of Physical & Academic Boundaries (panel) – “Digital Environmental Engagement: Writing Eco Issues in Digital Spaces”
  • Frank Macarthy and Sarah Warren-Riley: The Technological We: How Our Tools Tell the Stories that Compose Us (panel)

The following ISU graduate students participated in/presented at CCCC 2016:

  • Oriana Gilson and Lisa Dooley: Participants in the Qualitative Research Network ForumSarah Warren-Riley: Presented “Fostering Critical Digital Literacy: Examining Constructed Selves/Constructed Consumers” at the CCCC “Computer Connection”
  • Francis Macarthy: Presented “Write, Type, Record: The Effects of Multimodality on Student Composing Processes and Outcomes” on the panel “Research in Multimodal Composition, Literacies, and Assessment”
  • David Giovagnoli: Presented “What If They Get the Wrong Values?: Localism and Writing Assessment” on the panel “Localized Sites of Assessment, Action, and Transformation”
  • Hilary Selznick: Presented “Acting Strategically: Disabled Life Writing as a New Rhetoric of Pain” on the panel “Composing Disability Memoir as Transformative Action”

Adriana Gradea presented “The Authentic Subject and the Mirage of the Fetishized West in Cristian Mungiu’s Film Occident” at the MLA convention in Austin, Texas, in January 2016.


Stephanie Guedet’s article “Feeling Human Again: Toward a Pedagogy of Radical Empathy” will appear in the Volume 2.2 (March 2016) issue of Assay: A Journal of Nonfiction Studies.