RSISU Nov. 13 Meeting Agenda

RSISU Meeting
November 13, 2017
3:00-4:00 in the Writing Program

Proposed Agenda for 11/13

1) Follow-up on conference proposals: If you are working on a proposal or draft for:
-ATTW (due Wed, 11/15), Computers and Writing (due Friday, 11/17), or -other upcoming conferences
-a scholarly publication
-a final semester paper/presentation for one of your courses
please bring these with you. Provided enough members are interested and have material they would like to discuss, we can spend some time in pairs and/or groups provided feedback.

2) Discuss 2018 4Cs conference: questions, concerns, ways forward

3) Discuss plans for Stave gathering in December

4) Discuss ideas/plans for CV workshop next semester

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