ISU at Feminisms and Rhetorics

Please find the schedule for ISU students, staff and alumni who will be presenting/workshopping at the Fem Rhet Conference in Dayton, Ohio.

Feminism and Rhetorics 2017: ISU Students, Staff and Alumni

Session A: Wednesday, 12:15pm — 1:30pm

A.6: Revolution Revisited: Theresa Enos’ “Gender Roles and Faculty Lives in Rhetoric and Composition” 2017 (Collaborative/Interactive Session)

Erica Cirillo-McCarthy, Stanford University

Elise Verzosa Hurley, Illinois State University

Amanda Wray, University of North Carolina-Asheville


Session F: Thursday, 11:00am –12:15pm

F.8: Contingent Spaces: Forming Micro-cohorts for Personal Sustenance and Professional


Oriana Gilson, Illinois State University

Kristen Strom, Illinois State University

Lisa Dooley, Illinois State University


Conference Lunch Plenary Sessions: Thursday, 12:30 — 2:00pm

RHETORICS Plenary | Honoring Rhetorical Foremothers: Carol Berkenkotter, Theresa Enos, & Jan Swearingen

for Carol Berkenkotter , Kira Dreher, Montclair State University

for Theresa Enos , Elise Verzosa Hurley, Illinois State University

for Jan Swearingen , Kathleen Welch, University of Oklahoma


Session I: Friday, 9:00 — 10:45am

Sem.1: “Feminist Rhetorical Science Studies: Politicizing Posthumanisms, Rhetoricizing New

Materialisms” Use this link to sign up for this seminar.

Jenny Bay, Purdue University

Amanda K. Booher, University of Akron

Catherine Gouge, West Virginia University

Julie Jung, Illinois State University

Alex Layne, Metropolitan State University

Jen Talbot, University of Central Arkansas

Kyle P. Vealey, West Chester University


Session​ ​K:​ ​Friday,​ ​3:00pm​ ​–​ ​4:15pm

K.1:​ ​Rhetorics​ ​of​ ​Resistance:​ ​Secular​ ​Rights,​ ​Workers’​ ​Rights,​ ​Civil​ ​Rights “‘The 59th Minute of the 11th Hour’: The Anti-Religious Rhetoric of Matilda Joslyn Gage”

Amy Mecklenburg-Faenger, Park University “’Cigar Girls Strike’: The Rhetoric of Worker Resistance in Detroit, 1881-1937.”

Lori Ostergaard, Oakland University “Picturing Racial Equality: The Visual Rhetoric of Eleanor Roosevelt”

Henrietta Rix Wood, University of Missouri-Kansas City


Saturday Morning Meetings: Mentoring Feminist Scholars: 8:00 — 8:50am

MM.6: “Publishing an Edited Collection: A Process Approach”

Julie Jung, Illinois State University

Amanda Booher, University of Akron

Kellie Sharp-Hoskins, New Mexico State University

Melody Bowdon, University of Central Florida

Angela M. Haas, Illinois State University,

Michelle Eble, East Carolina University


Session​ ​M:​ ​Saturday,​ ​9:00am​ ​–​ ​10:15am

M.12:​ ​Failing​ ​Sideways:​ ​Toward​ ​a​ ​Queer​ ​Methodology​ ​for​ ​Writing​ ​Assessment

William P Banks, East Carolina University

Nicole Caswell, East Carolina University

Stephanie West-Puckett, East Carolina University


Session N: 10:30 — 11:45am

N.7: Using Feminist Methodologies to Build Healthcare Partnerships (Collaborative/Interactive Session)

Erin Frost, East Carolina University

Dawn Opel, Michigan State University


N.9: From Affect to Resistance: Examining the Hashtag Feminism of the Women’s March

Kristi McDuffie, University of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign

Melissa Ames, Eastern Illinois University

Devon Fitzgerald Ralston, Winthrop University


Session O: Saturday, 1:15pm — 2:30pm

O.8: Proactive Feminist Approaches to Pedagogy and Scholarship That Address Emergent

Social Justice Issues (Collaborative/Interactive Session)

Sarah Warren-Riley, Illinois State University

Lisa Phillips, Illinois State University

Julie C. Bates, Millikin University

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