RSISU Methodologies and Methods Conference was a success

Wow! Our first RSISU conference, which was held at ISU on April 25, was a huge success.

Michele Simmons, from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, presented the keynote speech titled “Methodologies for Studying and Working with Communities” and engaged the audience and panelists in a discussion centered on scaffolding methodologies and adapting new lenses when engaging in community advocacy and activism. Panelists Donnie Johnson Sackey from Wayne State University, Katie Silvester from Indiana University, and Pamela Hoff from Illinois State University pointed to connections between Simmon’s methodological approaches and their own while the following Q & A prompted robust and meaningful conversation between audience members, Dr. Simmons, and panelists. The afternoon session was comprised of two rounds of roundtable discussions, moderated by Dr. Simmons, Dr. Hoff, Dr. Sackey, and Dr. Silvester as well as by ISU faculty members Dr. Angela Haas, Dr. Julie Jung, Dr. Elise Verzosa-Hurley, and Dr. Bob Broad. These discussions centered around methodological work being done by graduate student attendees provided a unique opportunity to workshop and obtain feedback about developing and utilizing methodologies.

In all, we had 43 conference participants from nine different institutions attended the conference. Based on feedback from 2017 participants, obtained via email and during the conference itself, we have been excited to learn how relevant and helpful this conference was to participants.

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