Resources for Earning Your PhD on the 4- or 5-Year Plan

We have created some resources to help you visualize the path you might take to earn your PhD in English Studies at ISU in four or five years. The following documents are designed to provide an overview of when you might think about and do certain tasks necessary for completing your degree.

Disclaimer: Every person’s processes and career goals are different. These paths to completing your degree are not the only approach to doing so. They are designed to suggest one possible path you might take and give you a sense of the “big picture.”

These documents have been created based on the Department of English Graduate Advising Handbook (updated Jan. 15, 2016). It also is important to consider key dates and deadlines outlined by the ISU Graduate School. Remember, too, the importance of consulting with your faculty advisor/dissertation director/etc.

The Four-Year Plan: Chart

The Four-Year Plan: Infographic

The Five-Year Plan: Chart

The Five-Year Plan: Infographic

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