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Important message from Mike Regilio, Director of CAS-IT:

First - I'm sorry for the long message. I do feel it is important and appreciate your time to read it in its entirety.

Since I began working at Illinois State, and I'm sure well before me, IT units have required faculty and staff to know how IT works in order to contact the correct office to resolve IT issues. I've experienced over and over again the frustration of some who say that they've called multiple offices looking for help. Over the past couple of years, all IT units across campus have worked to fix this issue and make the process of getting IT help easier. All IT units will soon begin to utilize a unified IT Service Management tool from Cherwell in replacement of the current IT ticketing tool from BMC Magic Helpdesk. This IT Service Management tool has been chosen and configured by campus-wide committees with IT customers (mostly faculty and staff) in mind to provide the following benefits:

  • Efficient - faster, more accurate technology solutions
  • Proactive - find solutions through knowledge articles to resolve the issue quickly and easily yourself without waiting for any IT staff to respond
  • Consistent - IT teams will now follow the same priority scale to help ensure that issues with the biggest impact are resolved first
  • Informative - better and more consistent communication with customers
  • Transparent - see where your issues are in the process to resolution

ISU IT teams have come together to design a common IT Service Management process - how we resolve issues and transfer them between teams, how we track changes to systems, and the due dates and priorities we assign to different types of issues.

This tool provides new abilities to IT staff across campus, too:

  • Better tracking of IT issues and assets, with complete history of work done on equipment or for a particular customer
  • Recording of IT knowledge and easy sharing with other IT teams and customers
  • Better data allows IT to move from reactive to proactive and put resources where they may be needed the most

The ticket submission form you see on this page will eventually be removed and we'll ask faculty and staff to either login to the new self-service portal or to simply call 438-HELP (4357) to report issues or make requests of any IT service. Of course all the preparation in the world doesn't mean I expect this to be a perfect transition. I do hope any bumps are manageable though.

As you begin to use this tool I hope you'll see the benefits of it. Submitting issues or making requests may take an extra minute at first, but keep in mind that the few clicks or dropdown choices you'll need to make will result in quicker routing and quicker resolution.

I'm excited to have been a part of this process and hope that you're happy that this entire effort is to better IT support at Illinois State.

Thank you for taking the time to read this message and please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. I may be best reached at

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Urgency Examples

Low Examples:

  • Moving files
  • Re/install software on computer
  • Moving/setting up computer equipment
  • Requesting access to file shares or services
  • Equipment purchase consultation

Normal Examples:

  • Can no longer access email
  • Can no longer access internet in office
  • Office computer hardware failure

High Examples:

  • Technology issue resulting in a danger to health or safety
  • Suspected virus/malware activity
  • Any technology disruption during a class
  • Web not accessible in entire department, building, or area of campus